About me

My name is Grant, and I love to make visuals, whether it be photography or video. Even more than filming, I love to collaborate with others to bring their vision to life. To see someone light up when you deliver a final product that meets or surpasses their expectations is a great feeling. So if you want professionalism and good quality, book GLO Visuals.


I have worked in the film business for more than five years. I have experience as a 2nd AD, 2nd AC, G & E, editing, shooting and more! Many shoots require quick thinking and being skilled in many different disciplines, and I have always had to rise to the challenge. I do a lot of content creating by myself and shoot projects to always keep my skills up. I can do anything from pre-production to production to finalizing the product in post-production.

Crew at Media Lab Science

2022 - Present


2nd AD on 5 traveling Feature Films

2021 - 2022

Grip and Electric

2021 - Present


Drone Operator

2023 - Present


Film Your Vision

Here is a demo reel showcasing some of the projects I have worked on.


This section is dedicated to BTS pics to showcase the different projects I have worked on.

Let's bring your vision to life!